Stand Builder Partner

AzExpoMontage LLC
Surakhani district, Yeni Surakhani, Baku - H. Aliyev ave., 9 km.,
Baku, AZ 1050, Azerbaijan
Tel: +994 12 404 48 02 (2203)
Mob:+994 77 277 70 91

Dear Exhibitors! For participation on exhibition with a non-standard stand, You can use services of our general builder - company AzExpoMontage.

"We are working with the largest companies participating in exhibitions in Azerbaijan since 2010. Also, since last year we began to carry out development abroad. In connection with this, the services we offer are carefully selected considering the individual needs and budget of the exhibitors.

Our professional staff will provide You with qualified support and select the best option for the price-quality ratio".