AITF - AITF 2016: international authority and the rich tourism potential of Azerbaijan

AITF 2016: international authority and the rich tourism potential of Azerbaijan



Today is the final day of the 15th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Tourism and Travel Fair, AITF 2016. The exhibition has brought together 330 companies from 29 countries and has, according to independent experts and numerous participants, successfully repulsed the rich tourism potential of Azerbaijan.

Since its foundation, the AITF exhibition has been organised with the active support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan. The last few years, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has been visiting the AITF exhibition, walking around the exhibition and meeting with participants. In interviews with reporters, many foreign guests have expressed their enthusiasm and approval in regard to these visits of the state leader to the AITF 2016.

At the opening ceremony of the AITF 2016, the Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Garayev said that the exhibition is held with the support of the WTO for 15 years, and has turned into the largest and most important event in the region. The exhibition reflects the strategy on the development of tourism, which is a promising part of the non-oil sector of the country.

Azerbaijan takes the 36th place in the list of most popular tourist destinations and is becoming increasingly popular in the world, being stable, hospitable and open to all good willed peoples. This is shown by numerous international events, including the AITF exhibition. In times past, all visitors have gained a positive impression. National pavilions and regional boards are constantly delighting and interesting events. Reputable associations and tourist profiles have always attracted professionals to provide professional exchanges, and create mutual understanding between representatives of different nations and countries.

Every third exhibitor is a newcomer. This statistic reflects the constant increase in visitors to the AITF and the exhibition