AITF - Iranian phenomenon

Iranian phenomenon



Farshad Behafarin, Representative of the Crafts Department of the Tourism, Cultural Heritage, and Crafts Organization of Iran

- We are pleased to have arrived at AITF 2015 exhibition to show all the wealth of our country and the hospitality of the Iranian people. The information about the most interesting sights of the north-west of Iran, with the central city of Tabriz, mainly populated by Azerbaijanis, is provided at our stand. The mass of important cultural, natural, and historical monuments is concentrated in Tabriz. This area is famous for its handicrafts, spices, kitchen herbs, and amazing carpets. The ancient, covered bazaar in Tabriz was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010.

The touristic appeal of our region is also conditioned by the beautiful nature and the environment: mountaineering and climbing are developing; cycle routes and travel on horseback are popular, and medical tourism is shown here. The small town of Sareyn, the name of which translates to