AITF - Unique projects from the Hermitage

Unique projects from the Hermitage



Kristina Antonova, Deputy Head of External Relations at Hermitage Media Holding

- I really hope that the exhibition visitors and tourism professionals will be interested in the joint stand of the Hermitage Museum, Hermitage Media Holding and the official hotel of the Hermitage Museum. This is our first participation in the Azerbaijani tourism exhibition, and this debut of the largest museum of St. Petersburg will allow you to familiarize yourself with the unique project that demonstrates part of the museum's infrastructure. We have brought a rich set of video shoots to demonstrate on the big screen a 3D tour of St. Petersburg and the most beautiful halls of the museum.

By presenting the museum, which is widely known not only in Russia, but throughout the world, we have endeavoured to promote the strengthening of cultural ties between Russia and Azerbaijan. This can be called an international marketing action in the sphere of tourism, since we represent the potential of the Hermitage Hotel.

Hermitage Media has already participated in exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We plan to expand the experience of communication, most likely not only in the tourist direction, but also through cultural exchange. We are confident that our debut at AITF 2017 will increase the value and significance of the project, which promotes the popularization of tourist routes.