AITF - Treatment with joy and comfort

Treatment with joy and comfort



Galina Tarasova, Marketing Manager, Rogaška Slatina (Slovenia)

- At today's exhibition we are showcasing two hotels in Rogaška Slatina; this is the Grand Hotel Sava and the Hotel Zagreb. We are participating at this exhibition with our innovations. Two years ago, we opened a medical centre where our programs for diabetes; weight loss; detox; treatment of the musculoskeletal system are constantly updated. Our second innovation is the opening of the spa, where you can relax under the influence of mineral waters in combination with a whole complex of saunas: Turkish, Finnish, salt. In our treatment programs, we try to focus on the convenience of guests and to create appropriate conditions for them, so that they do not feel in a hospital atmosphere but comfortably treated and rested. We are proud that this is the only medical centre in Slovenia that offers unique gas injections for treatment of the musculoskeletal system and neurology with subsequent relaxation effect.

It is important to note that today the number of tourists from Azerbaijan shows an upward trend. We have been participating in Baku exhibitions for several times, and have already established partnerships here. Therefore, the purpose of our participation is to expand and maintain this process. Guests from Azerbaijan, as a rule, are interested in our mineral water with a high content of magnesium. By the way, this is the only resort in the world with such water. I am pleased to report that your citizens are always happy with our services and leave good reviews about us.