AITF - We want to present multifaceted Georgia!

We want to present multifaceted Georgia!



Darya Kholodilina, Marketing Coordinator at the Tourism Administration of Georgia

- Participation at AITF is very important for us, and therefore we visit Baku every year. Our countries are bound by long-standing friendship ties, and we are happy to support and develop these cordial relations. Each of the regions in Georgia has its own strengths: in one case, it is sea tourism, in the other, mountains; Kutaisi is attractive for its cultural and natural treasure, while Akhaltsikhe is famous for its bright sights-seeing places. At this exhibition we want to present multifaceted Georgia; a country well-known to tourists for its positive influence.

The exhibition is able to reflect the advantages of relaxation, mentality, national wealth, and to cause gastronomic interest, while expanding the prospects for business tourism. We are interested in attracting tourists of this category too; we would like to host conferences, meetings and corporate parties in Georgia, so as more and more people choose our country for such events.

In addition, we present Sheraton and Divan hotels and Sairme resort. Azerbaijan is now in the first place in our country; last year the number of arrivals exceeded all expectations and I would like more people to come and enjoy their vacation in our country. Here we share new information about the spa, business tourism, and festival tourism. For example, last year many Azerbaijani people came to the festival Gem Fest in Georgia, and we have therefore decided to tell more about this event to attract even more people.