AITF - Double benefit from the workshop

Double benefit from the workshop



Svetlana Hasanova, Manager of Freestyle Safari

- The workshop organized as part of the AITF exhibition is both important and useful. In fact, this is an opportunity to visit two events which have a common orientation, but are of different formats at the same time. This is where the double benefit stems from! It is a place where you can get professional acquaintances with colleagues and potential partners. If communication takes place in an active environment at the exhibition, B2B format of the workshop provides for a strictly defined timeframe based on pre-planned meetings. That allows you to prepare in advance for the meeting and not to waste time on general topics. In addition, having made preliminary contact at the workshop, we can visit the company's stand and discuss business matters in more details.

This year's workshop is organized at a high level and most importantly, it presents quality partners, companies and countries that we need. Based our meetings I can highlight the great interest of Belarusian companies, and of resorts from Russia and Ukraine. The Dominican Republic has also become an interesting destination that becomes more and more popular.