AITF - Tourism and folk art crafts

Tourism and folk art crafts



Muslimat Halimbekova, Head of the Department at the Ministry of Tourism and Folk Art of the Republic of Dagestan, Derbent Tourist Centre

- We participated in previous exhibitions in Azerbaijan, but now we are speaking in a new capacity, representing two main sectors. We brought here, in particular, a new tourist enterprise "Derbent-2000" with a number of interesting products. In addition, we present folk art crafts. Kubachinsy Centre for Folk Art Industry is known all over the world for high-quality exclusive assortment of jewellery. For us, tourism and art centres are interrelated and attract the interest of many tourists.

Participation at AITF 2017 determines the promotion of the regional tourist product of Dagestan, and interesting proposals are waiting for our visitors at the stand. We have several joint projects with Azerbaijan, which are now being implemented. These projects are connected with tourist routes within the Great Silk Road. In addition, we are completing the project on the routes connected with the stay of Alexandre Dumas in the Caucasus. We have proposals for the development of cruise yachting tourism and railway tourist routes.

Of course, new ethno-cultural routes are associated with unique historical monuments of Dagestan. We hope to conclude useful contracts within the framework of the exhibition. After the first day of the exhibition, we can see that not only tour operators but also private individuals are interested in our offers. The exhibition is aimed at a good result. We appreciate the visit of President Ilham Aliyev to the exhibition; this visits provide an impetus to the development of the tourism industry. It was very pleasant to hear the positive opinion of the Head of your country about the prospects of Kubachi craftsmanship.