AITF - Remarkable potential of Odessa

Remarkable potential of Odessa



Elena Din, Representative of the city of Odessa

- Today we represent the wonderful city of Odessa and tell about its tourist routes to all interested visitors in details. Here you will learn about renowned existing and completely new hotels, Tourism Association and find out about the potential of the region. We present a new regional project in Zatoka, which includes five hotels and general specialized cuisine of Odessa. Thus, we are aimed to talk about everything that can be interesting for an individual tourist from Azerbaijan. Taking into account the increasing new air flights to Odessa, we hope to establish and involve the target audience in Azerbaijan.

AITF 2017 is the first event for us of this level, and the visit of the President Ilham Aliyev matters a good deal. Thanks to the professional level of the organization, the exhibition opens up great opportunities for the exchange of experience, information and for the meetings not only with visitors, but also with representatives of other countries. On the first day of the exhibition, I got acquainted with many tour operators and travel agents, met with representatives of the tourism association, and held a number of constructive dialogues. We hope for the further development of our relations and we plan to take an active part in the following exhibitions in Baku in the coming years.