AITF - We are very pleased with the results of the workshop!

We are very pleased with the results of the workshop!



Tarlan Guliyev, CEO, Altus Travel

- We participated in the workshop organized under the framework of the AITF exhibition for the first time, and we are very pleased with the results! It was a pleasure to interact at this event with familiar companies with whom we have cooperated for many years, as well as to meet with representatives of new companies presenting the tourism products of their various countries in different ways.

The staging of the workshop is certainly a good idea, allowing us to follow up with the initial contacts made at the exhibition, to learn more about the partners' offers and to receive useful additional information.

I would also like to say that we used this workshop to not only study the proposals of our foreign colleagues, but also to promote our own country and its tourism potential. The meetings were held using a format of counter offers on a B2B basis, which promotes bilateral cooperation. Our goal as a domestic travel agency is, among other things, the promotion of Azerbaijan as a destination and showcasing our tourism opportunities. I should also note that some foreign colleagues even invited us as to be guests, so that we could promote our tourism advertising in their countries.