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Exotics of East Java



Muhammad Natsir, Representative of the Indonesian Embassy to Azerbaijan

- We represent the tourist potential of East Java, the second most populated province in Indonesia, with the capital of Surabaya, the second largest city and port of the country. It is important for us to show that Indonesia has not only Bali, but also other attractive regions.

Visitors will learn a lot of interesting things about East Java, among the tour offers - excursions to the volcanic mountain Bromo, surfing in the area called G Point, river rafting tours, mountain hiking, sea diving and boat trips.

We want to focus attention on the possibilities of business tourism in our province. The port of Surabaya is used by many exporters, including from Azerbaijan to supply goods from Indonesia by sea. At present, tourists get to Eastern Java via transit through Istanbul, Dubai or Doha. The Indonesian Embassy in Azerbaijan is discussing with the leadership of AZAL the possibility of opening direct flights.

For businessmen, we offer to establish economic relations between East Java and Azerbaijan, and for tourist companies - to send tourists to Java more actively. For them, we have a special offer. From Indonesia to Mecca and Medina annually send about seven million pilgrims. Our travel agencies offer them special packages, which include staying in different transit countries and we would like to include Azerbaijan in these packages.