AITF - The best thermal source of Haymana

The best thermal source of Haymana



Ozdemir Turgut, City Mayor, Haymana

- Anatolian city of Hyman is located not far from Ankara and has preserved the traces of its history and rare artefacts. Therefore its popularity among those tourists who are interested in history has increased dramatically over recent years. However, today we came to the exhibition in Baku to tell about our unique thermal water. Last year, a technical analysis of the international standard of this water was carried out. It was recognized as the best thermal source in the world.

We proudly tell our guests about the many properties of our water. It is useful for maintaining skin health, especially in the fight against aging, various types of inflammation, childlessness in women, and Alzheimer's. Our guests will receive a gift of cosmetics on the basis of our water and detailed information about its quality and healing properties. With the aim of promoting Haiman spa resort which is of world importance, we will also present a number of thermal hotels to the attention of visitors. All of them are ready to welcome guests, providing excellent service and necessary comfort. At this exhibition we are for the first time, but we already have plans for participation in subsequent events.