AITF - Hotels in Gakh, restaurants in Baku

Hotels in Gakh, restaurants in Baku



Michael Szczepanski, General Manager at ULU Hospitality

- ULU Hospitality is a young, but rapidly growing company that is being developed in the direction of hospitality. The main goal of our company is to make a worthy contribution to the development of the tourism sector in Azerbaijan. Today, among the company's travel offers are two hotels in Gakh (El Resort and Yurd) and two restaurants in Baku: ‘Zakura’ and ‘Novbahar.’

ULU Hospitality presents unique products. Gakh region is still little known as a tourist destination; however, it is rich in historical monuments and heritage. Therefore, the hotels located here have the prospect of development. Restaurants are also distinguished by their sophistication. The menu of the ‘Novbahar’ restaurant includes traditional Gakh cuisine. The Japanese ‘Zakura’ has been on the market for ten years, and all this time it makes the guests happy with the high quality of food and service.

 The aim of participation in yje AITF is the need to raise awareness of the ULU Hospitality group, as well as its product: hotels and restaurants. We are glad to see all visitors at our stand, and we will be happy to recommend restaurants and hotels to our guests.

AITF is an important event and contributes to the development of tourism in Azerbaijan. ULU Hospitality is presented at the exhibition for the first time; next year we will evaluate our success in this participation. We believe in our success at the AITF and are pleased to welcome the guests at our stand.