AITF - Impressive development trend of the exhibition

Impressive development trend of the exhibition



Azer Garib, travel blogger, TV presenter

- I visit the tourism exhibition every year. This is remarkable and important. Thanks to the exhibition, I have access to new information, establish necessary contacts, and at least for once a year, I can meet with old friends. The event is organized at an impressive level; there is a good trend for future development. I think of tourism as a kind of business. And if businessmen decide to participate in exhibitions, invest funds and make alliances here, this automatically means that such a project becomes important and promising. Today, hotels, resorts, travel agencies, areas of various regions are widely represented. I would like to see more representatives from the Asian countries. I am glad to see that the company ‘Libraff’ is among the participants. Guide brochures in various languages ​​were available at the stands, but I would wish to see more information on the exhibition  in Azerbaijani language.