AITF - Each exhibition is but a big celebration!

Each exhibition is but a big celebration!



Elchin Yolchiyev, Sales Director at Avionics travel@holiday

I have a great interest in exhibitions. From a professional point of view, this is a great opportunity to learn about new members, companies and their products. As a tour operator, I am able to increase my data base, which has a positive impact on my work in the future. There are new opportunities for business growth. Today I was interested in health resorts. In particular, the stand of Caucasian Mineral Waters was extremely useful. I conducted conversations and received brilliant offers. From the point of view of an ordinary visitor, I believe that the exhibition is but a big celebration. And I would like each participant, while thinking about the organisation of his or her stand, include rallies, contests, etc in the presentation; it attracts people and creates a more festive atmosphere.