AITF - Face-to-face communication as part of the AITF

Face-to-face communication as part of the AITF



Natalya Aghayeva, Director, Alean

At the exhibition, I met with my old partners to discuss current issues. I plan to meet new people offering new products and directions. The exhibition helps us with personal contacts. We do most of our work via the Internet, but as part of the AITF, face-to-face communication takes place, which positively affects the effectiveness of business meetings.

I have met most of my partners thanks to the constant attendance of exhibitions. My work has received a good impetus, and ties have grown even stronger. I wish that the geography of participating countries further increase in the future. Taking into account the wishes of travellers from Azerbaijan, who are our clients, I would like to see representatives of the African and South American countries among the exhibitors; there is a certain category of tourists interested in these areas.