AITF - A high rating of the current event

A high rating of the current event



Mindia Chincharauli, Georgia, Backpack Tours

- I am in Baku together with my colleagues and this is our first visit to your country. We work for a travel company, and it is our desire to grow that has brought us to this event. We aim at pleasing the taste of our customers, while offering them a full range of travel services; we came here with this aim in mind and want to expand our partner base, meet new people and familiarise ourselves with new services. Representatives from Thailand and Italy were able to arouse our interest. Conversations with representatives of local companies turned out to be productive and important. If we are to rate the current event on a ten-point scale, I would say that the role of this exhibition deserves a mark of 9! I think this is the most correct and best way to establish contacts, meet with professionals and establish new contacts. I leave the exhibition with good impressions, for which I should thank the organisers.