A promotional video about Azerbaijani tourism has been presented on BBC World News

A promotional video about Azerbaijani tourism has been presented on BBC World News

17 november 2021 0000

Within the framework of cooperation between the Azerbaijan Tourism Bureau and the broadcasting company BBC viewers were presented a promotional video about the tourism potential of Azerbaijan.

As AzerTaj reports, in the video we found the place of monuments, reflecting the nature, historical and cultural diversity of Azerbaijan, the nature of Azerbaijani cuisine, as well as the types of activities that tourists can experience.

Digital and podcast campaigns have been launched throughout the year. Thus, the digital campaign provides for the placement of advertising banners on the site bbc.com, interesting articles that reflect the cultural and material heritage of our country, as well as short commercials in the section "reel" (video information) BBC podcasts dedicated to travel and cooking.

The purpose of the campaign are users from target markets, such as the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Turkey and Russia.

As part of the campaign, it is planned to shoot two more propaganda videos dedicated to the tourist opportunities of Azerbaijan, as well as the program A Taste of Baku ("Taste of Baku") and Wonders of Azerbaijan ("Wonders of Azerbaijan"). These commercials and broadcasts will be broadcast on BBC World News.

It should be noted that the BBC World News channel, which provides various broadcasting services through television, radio and the Internet, has 112 million viewers, and the number of unique users of the site bbc.com is 179 million.