AITF 2023: a successful revival of tourism exhibition industry

AITF 2023: a successful revival of tourism exhibition industry

6 April 2023 0000
On 6 April, the 19th Azerbaijan International Travel and Tourism Fair (AITF 2023), created and managed by Caspian Event Organisers, completed its work at Baku Expo Center. 

AITF 2023 became a long-awaited event for tourism professionals in the wake of the pandemic. Embodying the renaissance of the exhibition industry, this event is certainly not as large as preceding projects, but it still managed to demonstrate recovery trends in the national tourism sector, with both international and local agencies assessing the market needs and consumers' interests, analyzing the competitive environment, and drawing up a development strategy.   

Over fifty companies from fifteen countries of the globe presented vivid stands with spectacular presentations of tour products and travels all around the world. Especially interesting with professionals were combines national stands of Belarus, Poland, Uzbekistan, and Czechia. Most foreign participants are striving to create customized products for the Azerbaijani market and attract local tourists with interesting routes, cultural values and delicious national cuisines.

VIP guests from different countries were quite interested in Azerbaijani tour products; it was also highlighted that the creation and promotion of tourism in Karabakh Region has become one of national priorities, with primary routes already set up there.

Many participants maintained that new direct flights to a number of countries and the resulting empowerment of host parties factor in the reinforcement of tourism connections.

Even in our digital age, the exhibition once more proved to be the superior mode of communication. Live connection is both irreplaceable and very precious, many a guest pointed out.

The event became quite a pleasant surprise for many participating companies;
business contacts and discussions supplemented В2В meetings and negotiations in the field of medical tourism, cruise industry, airfare etc.

It is noteworthy that AITF is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and its participants hope that it will return to the pre-pandemic level and attract ever more guests from the overseas.