An icebreaker cruise to the North Pole!

An icebreaker cruise to the North Pole!

5 april 2023 0000
Yelena Titova, Lead Sales Manager, Polar Travel Club

The list of our tourism products includes a unique proposal for the market: a cruise to the North Pole aboard the 50 Let Pobedy nuclear-powered icebreaker.
In 13 days, the passengers will reach the geographic North Pole (90N), see Polar bears in their natural habitat and enjoy the flora and fauna of Arctic Region as part exciting tours to the islands of Franz Josef Land.  We also provide plenty of interesting information, as our region experts will be lecturing on biology, glaciology, geography, and history on a daily basis throughout the cruise. As we will be traversing the archipelago, multiple historical facts will be invoked.

It is the first time we are at AITF; we learned about it from our partners and thought we must come and take part. We are so happy we finally made it to the event. What we expect from it is to expand our agent network; by the way, on the very first day we quite enjoyed the high interest our visitors showed in our unique product.