Everyone should come visit Cuba!

Everyone should come visit Cuba!

5 april 2023 0000
Christina Leon Iznaga, Adviser at the Embassy of Cuba in Russia

We brought to AITF 2023 the only large tour operator with a representative office in Moscow. Tourism as whole and guided tours (both package and individual) are quite developed in our country. Cuba has been ramping up its tourism capabilities for over twenty years; Varadero resorts with over thirty hotels are known in the world over as they welcome tourists with endless beaches and great infrastructure, a potential destination of choice for tourists from Azerbaijan.
Cayo Coco (an island named after an indigenous bird), Holguin, Baracoa, and the renowned capital city of Havana, the real open-air museum. Besides, you may savor the delicious Cuban cuisined in all its versatility.
Each and everyone should visit Cuba and spend at least five nights there. Our top product is our population, offering unforgettable contacts and vigorous communication. It is the first time we are taking part in this exhibition, and we must say it is well managed. We are now convinced tourist exchange has a great potential, as visitors have displayed enormous interest in our country.