Global popularity of medical and resort tourism

Global popularity of medical and resort tourism

6 April 2023 0000
Bahar Guliyeva, student, Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University

Prior to the exhibition, I reviewed the event program and defined the main points of interest. First of all, the forum participants per se: my attention was drawn to some interesting new destinations and a few companies offering an array of novelties. Apart from that, I was quite interested in the program itself, notably in the event titled "Talent Space: Become an expert in tourism" that was created by our University.

Hospitality experience shared by professionals in the field has helped expand our knowledge about the industry I link my future to. I would also like to highlight another segment I paid special attention to: medical and resort tourism, which is in high demand around the globe today. While talking to representatives of different countries in the course of the event, one of the things we asked them about was tourism education and profile-oriented universities operating in their countries.