New tourism products from Rogaška Slatina

New tourism products from Rogaška Slatina

5 April 2023 0000
Galina Tarasova, Sales Manager, Rogaška Slatina (Slovenia)

We present a new 5-star Atlantida Boutique Hotel in Rogaška Slatina. Our region is famous with its unique water, Donat Magnesium.
Over three hundred processes in our body are promoted by magnesium, so this water is crucial for our daily life. We therefore invite to Rogaška everyone in need of improving their health, slimming up or cleaning their body from toxins.
We offer special programs with procedures in our spa center, swimming pools and saunas. Our procedures help you relieve stress, as the resort lies in a beautiful mountainous area with a special microclimate and unique nature. Our guests take pleasure in walking along splendid alleys and pathways and marvel the nature and delicious food. We are happy to welcome our guests and offer an individual approach to each and everyone.
What I expect from the exhibition is plenty of new business contacts, meetings, and live communications. It is not the first time we attend AITF, and we always enjoy the ambience and positive attitude. Therefore, we expect ever greater results this year.