Our national hospitality is the top landmark of Caucasus!

Our national hospitality is the top landmark of Caucasus!

6 April 2023 0000
Emin Merdanov, Tourism and Folk Craft Minister, Republic of Dagestan

- We are looking forward to the opening of land borders in the near future between Azerbaijan and Dagestan, which should positively influence our mutual connections in logistic, industrial and other sectors of economy, tourism among them. Our participation in AITF 2023 is yet another step in this direction.
It is not the first time we work together with the exhibition, and, I believe, will keep on doing it in the years to come. This year, Dagestan is represented with a large stand that displays the state regional tour company and private tour agencies. And Dagestan has something to offer, I can tell you. We have plenty of natural and historical monuments, as well as the Caspian Sea we share with you. But the top landmark, incident to the Caucasian Region, is kindness and hospitability of our nations.
I want to thank you again for the invitation to the Baku exhibition. I believe such events are the very prime movers that push forward any industry they belong to. These platforms are used by governments and businesses from different countries to get to know one another and have a direct exchange of information, as well as to establish contacts and launch the distribution of their products and services. And AITF has proved, time and again, that it is just the platform they need!