The exhibition attracts quite a few young specialists

The exhibition attracts quite a few young specialists

6 april 2023 0000
Samir Abdullayev, Manager, BakuTeam Travel

- I work in a tour agency and study at the Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University. I believe tourism exhibitions represent an important aspect of any entity or company operating in this field. AITF, I think, is the venue of choice for all professionals in the field, as well as for students of specialized education facilities.

I visited the exhibition as part of our student team and, I must say, we obtained quite a lot of useful information that expanded our knowledge about the field we are studying. It was quite interesting to see how they presented various destinations, tourism potential, state companies, or private entities.

I believe it takes experience and the ability to present a product in the best light to participate in exhibitions, and they actually made it happen here. We also took part in a panel meeting with tourism industry reps and heard about how they do business and what they think about the development of tourism and engagement of youth.