We reinforce and expand our relations with Azerbaijan

We reinforce and expand our relations with Azerbaijan

5 april 2023 0000
Diana Nanadze
Main Specialist of International Tourism Promotion Office 
Greetings from sunny Adjara! We have come from Batumi and represent the Tourism Department of Adjara. We deem it very important to participate in this exhibition as Azerbaijan is a great country for tourist exchange. We hold info- and press-tours for target countries on an annual basis and welcome reciprocal participation in profile exhibitions, as the post-pandemic situation requires us to rearrange our positions, reinforce connections, and restore professional relations. As per the statistics, Azerbaijan is among the top countries by the number of tourists coming to our country. It makes us very happy, and I hope these connections will grow in the years to come.

It is not a secret that direct contacts in tourism are paramount, and we, naturally, expect AITF 2023 to become the perfect platform for new meetings, business contacts, and long-term relations. Let more interesting people come from your beautiful country to Adjara and have a great time there, so that they can share their positive feelings with their friends and family afterwards!