We should expand the exhibition and invite more foreign companies

We should expand the exhibition and invite more foreign companies

6 april 2023 0000
Turab Ilyasov, Director, Vertex Travel

I have worked in tourism for many years, and I am always glad to visit AITF. I am glad it is back after some interruption. It always gives us hopes to meet old friends, establish contacts with new business partners, and discover new destinations. One more time, the event has lived up to our expectations; we held interesting meetings and promising talks.
As the director of a tour agency, I can safely say our customers are always interested in new destinations, and it is here that we have found some new tourism products we are happy to share with them during this tour season. New flights to countries we haven't been connected to would undoubtedly expand our capabilities.
Overall, I must say exhibitions are important for any industry but twice as important for tourism. For any foreign guest of such event, apart from the business aspect of their visit, also gets immersed in our environment. That is, they become potentials tourists to whom we could show our city, culture, cuisine and many many more. Even inbound tour operators that attend the exhibition to attract tourists to their countries are thinking to potentially move 'in the opposite direction'.
We therefore should expand the exhibition and invite more foreign companies. Which automatically helps our country gain some points as an attractive tourist destination.